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   Rebecca W.E. Edmunds   2023-11-12 10:03:47   

Hello Ms. Lidz. I am seeking permission to use architectural photographs you took for SOM's 88 Kearny Street. Please advise how I might contact you.
   Yogan Carpenter   2021-10-03 12:50:33   

Hello Jane Im a french book maker and i woukd love to re edit house on wheels!do you think its possible? Can you contact me? Please Yogan
   David Daileda   2020-08-20 11:22:03   

Jane, This is David Daileda. I am trying to find Bill Johnson and if I have the right Jane Lidz, I am hoping you can tell me how to reach him. He and I were college roommates and you were gracious enough to invite me to your home for dinner years ago. Thanks for your help.
   Ralf   2019-07-15 03:25:48   

Hi Jane, Probably you already know, just in case that not - your books are available in Germany as well and I am a big fan of Rolling Homes... Cheers and warmest regards Ralf
   Tom Jacobs   2017-10-19 10:07:19   

Am I mistaken, or are you looking younger and younger? Rolling Homes remains a prescient classic. Hope this finds you making art and in good spirits! Here we're still making architecture; Cass became FAIA and is still making art as well. Relocated out of high fire area 4 years ago to other side of town and have great place with a .7 ac orchard. Hope you are well and in good health, All the best, Tom
   Marie Martin   2017-05-09 13:56:32   

Dear Jane, A client is donating a collection of prints by women photographers to Wellesley College. Included in the group is an example of your color photograph "Tokyo Sea Life Park", 30 x 40 inches, signed. Would you provide me with a value for donation purposes. Thanks, Marie Marie M. Martin/Fine Arts Appraiser Specializing in 19th, 20th century and Contemporary Photography/PO Box 448/Saint Michaels, MD 21663 410 745 5411 Tried to attach credentials but would copy to page
   Tang Benchang   2017-05-08 18:07:25   

I hope you still remember me. When you were at Suzhou with Bill, I was your local guide. You were taking pictures afew days for the book. You have sent me postcards,slides,and a few years later the beutifull book. I keep the slides in a moistureless box in my friend's home and read the book from time to time. I still remember you took the picture at the Precious Belt Bridge,the photo must be one of your favourite since you made it a new year card. I also that you showed me the camera screen before your click. I am retired and sometime take pictures. Maybe under your influence? many years ago I used Nikon 4500, Now I use Panasonic GX1. I once had a bigger Pentax which was broken. I like small cameras which are easy to carry and not too eye catching. I down load ebooks from a site and read history. I recently read a few books about photography. The one Ilike best is "the photographer's eye" written by the head of Newyork Modern Art Museum. Hope you all the best! Tang Benchang
   Allison G. Williams   2017-04-15 09:56:25   

Great to see an overview of what you have been doing. Allison
   Doreen   2016-11-30 11:57:53   

Hello Jane, I have acquired one of your paintings at an estate sale. I was hoping you might be able to help with some additional information on the piece. I could send a picture. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Doreen
   David McMullin   2016-09-30 08:57:26   

Looking to buy your book Rolling Homes and though I would check out your Web site as an RV enthusiast I an finding myself looking more and more in to the Tiny House movement and love the theory I was actually introduced to you by your frind Michael Ostaski in a YouTube video "The Incredible House Truck Michael Ostaski Built" David
   Florence   2016-07-31 21:14:40   

Wonderful to see so much of your work together.You are so very creative. I loved your statement.
   Linda Crouse   2016-05-16 19:01:53   

Hi Jane, Has been too long - hope you are doing well! Great to see what you have been up to over the past many years! Best, Linda
   Peter Olsen   2016-03-17 05:17:31   

Just discovered your book! Great stuff.
   Krash   2016-02-04 03:33:25   

I was revisiting my old copy of Rolling Homes and was wondering if you have ever thought about a follow up. A "where are they now?" book. I love your artwork, the heart concepts are wonderful. Stay inspired. Krash
   ramazan recber   2014-02-28 16:34:07   

you website very beautiful...
   J.J.   2013-08-25 12:38:54   

   Gabriele Lorf-Allen   2013-08-21 13:17:58   

Dear Jane, Your artworks are exceptionally touching and beautiful. They are soul inspired. The three dimensionality of the four season tree embracing the heart captures the essence of the cycle of live and all its complexity. The detail and colors are amazing. How wonderful that it generated so many blessings.
   Dee Hartman   2013-08-20 22:20:47   

Dearest Jane, I am always in awe of your work and how you have grown. You are truly a treasure! I was showing your website to Matteus, my six year old Grandson. When we got to the Zak book and told him some more about you, he remembered my reading the Zak book to him. I think I should have him read it to me tonight. He loved the hearts. He said they are beautiful. I love you and miss you, my friend, Dee
   Andy "Strong Jordan"   2013-08-20 13:27:29   

OHM.......beautiful work, Jane! As a retired publisher and current artist/writer/life-coach, I see your essence so beautifully expressed in your artistic creations. I felt as though your pathway through photography and architecture...and of course, critters...has brought you to this place of wonderful synchronistic connections. You bless me - you have always blessed me. Andy
   Jane Rogers   2013-08-19 17:20:01   

Lovely, Jane, congratulations!
   Joel Mandelbaum   2013-08-17 15:09:47   

Great site. Love the art as always Joel
   gabriella Cole   2013-08-15 08:07:44   

This is a beautiful website to show fantastic pieces of art. Your heart pieces are warm, unique, funny, deep and present just like you! I'm so glad to peruse the site, and take its fabulous contents into my day! Thank you so much for sharing it!
   Philip Jonckheer   2013-08-14 16:36:10   

Your brilliant website captures your magnificent presence and sweet, warm, massive heart. When I noticed you included Heart of Jazz (which I proudly and gratefully own), my heart skipped a beat and I was consumed by the urge to buy it again! What a pleasure it gives me every time I see it in my home. Thank you for blessing us with your work.
   Clay, a.k.a. "Bill"   2013-08-14 04:50:11   

A fabulous site for a fabulous woman!
   shari La Londe   2013-08-13 20:42:07   

Congratulations, Jane. Your work looks beautiful and the web site is wonderfully designed. I have thoroughly enjoyed perusing it. Thanks for this gift. Shari
   Hope Cohn   2013-08-13 17:54:26   

Congratulations on the launch of your website! We knew that you were a talented photographer but your artwork has taken our breath. Thank you for including us. Hope and Richard Cohn
   Zoe becker   2013-08-11 23:08:58   

Jane~ Your collected work reminds me of the importance of creativity as an expression of the divine. i hope you will continue to bring these images to all of us who truly appreciate your art !! Zoe
   Stacy Cooper   2013-07-30 22:48:42   

Hi Jane - I stumbled across your work on this site - Love your work! Many years ago you photographed interiors for Hodnick Design and Kenneth Rodrigues Associates - ID Two, Plaza Bank of Commerce - which are probably a faded memory. Great to see this other direction of your artistry.
   Estelle   2013-07-28 19:54:02   

We're all sitting here watching your work and are very impressed with it!
   José   2013-01-29 16:26:24   

Jane, I have been a fan of your work ever since I saw your Heart displayed in the Macy's storefront, during the San Francisco Hearts and Heroes Gala in 2010! You  truly have an wonderful gift and your work is amazing. You have such a unique way of blending different mediums and colors to create an amazing art piece! Keep up the great work and glad to see more of your items on here!
   Karen Zakrison   2013-01-26 19:25:54   

I own seven paintings by Jane Lidz whose work fills me with harmonious delight.

Hanging on the Western wall of my living room is a painting of a beach merging with the deep blue Pacific Ocean as the sun goes down. Perfect any time of day.  

My study wall holds hearts of red, gold, blue and green which represent the four seasons.

In my bedroom is an abstract of white with subtle pastel under tones.

The most tranquil is a painting of a golden beach layered with smooth grey stones.

   Zoe becker   2013-01-20 18:09:57   

Jane, your paintings are so vibrant , colorful, and creative !   I love the painting I own of  wild horses. I never tire of it .  Your  heart series is one of my favorites .  Seeing them in person has been a treat since every small square is packed with exquisite detail in texture and novelty. I hope you will keep sharing your gift and I certainly encourage people to give your work a look!