Mythology, literature, symbols and words influence my paintings.

Rich texture and luminous color are characteristic of my work. I delight in the way metallic paints play with light, altering the appearance with each change in the viewing angle.

I enjoy the process of creating art, from the initial spark through the final signing. In between, I relish the hunt for materials, rummaging through my studio and other recycling centers.
Mixed media includes everything from old baking tins and clock gears to medical instruments.

Tantalizing ideas float through my daydreams and wake me from my night dreams. I love the immediacy and tactility of painting: pouring, splattering, combing, spraying, and scratching with a wide assortment of paints and acrylic media applied with palette knives, screens, funnels, towels, hands and, yes, even brushes.

I find it rewarding when a stranger recognizes what an artist wants to convey. Yet fresh interpretations are fascinating, adding a different perspective to the art. The meaning is in the mind of the beholder.